Morning Brew 05-16-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

Overturning a virtual death sentence, a judge has ordered that chemotherapy resume for a 13-year old boy stricken with cancer whose parents object to medical treatments based on their religious beliefs.

A pregnant woman, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer early into her pregnancy, has defied the odds and given birth to a healthy baby boy.

A high school junior learned an embarrassing lesson when she decided to pose for a yearbook photo while not wearing underwear and now her outraged mother wants all the books recalled:


Putting children at risk for serious injury, almost two-thirds of car booster seats are being improperly installed or otherwise misused.

70,000 laptop batteries are being recalled because of a potential fire hazard.

Invasion of the Blood Sucking Bedbugs is coming to a mattress near you.

Comedian Michael Ian Black reads from his popular children’s book Chicken Cheeks:

Sandra Bullock has made it into a New Orleans high school’s Hall of Fame for her charitable giving after Hurricane Katrina.

Maggie Gyllenhall doesn’t believe that mothers and fathers are not on equal ground as parents because nothing can compare to a mother’s love for her child.

Beverly Hills 90210 alumni Tiffani-Amber Thiessen is wrestling the working woman’s dilemma of career vs. motherhood.

And 90210 classmate Tori Spelling reveals that her biggest fear was having a baby girl and talks about parenting in Hollywood:


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