Morning Brew 05-17-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 05 17 09That 3-year old California boy abducted at gunpoint in front of his parents has been found alive in Mexico and has been safely returned to America.

An American couple is charged with child trafficking in Egypt after adopting twins in that country, where any adoption is presumably illegal.

After caring for a 4-year old at-risk girl from birth, foster parents find themselves fighting a legal battle to continue caring for her:

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Are we overprotecting our kids to the extreme?

And do dads become more protective and involved once they learn their teen kids are sexually active?

Cops are now going undercover on Facebook in order to bust after-prom booze parties.

Criminals on Campus, Part 1: A gunman who shot a classmate at Morehouse College gets no jail time but is sentenced to graduate… and the school lets him go back to class.

Criminals on Campus, Part 2: A rapist gets a scholarship to the University of Tennessee.

One Governor who decided to play politics with federal stimulus money for education is learning a lesson from a determined high school senior who is taking him to court over the matter:

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The Prince of Fenway Park serves up a children’s fairy tale that hits a home run with children of all ages.

And Tom robbins new release, B is for Beer touts itself as “A Children’s Book for Grown-ups, A Grown-up Book for Children“.

Angie Harmon introduces her third child, Emery Hope Sehorn.

Jewel has teamed up with Fischer-Price for her latest release- a collection of children’s lullabies:


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