I Dream in Yellow

Posted by: , April 18, 2009 in 11:23 am

My dream man is smart.  He is highly intelligent, but not arrogant about it.  He is creative and has a spectacular imagination.  My dream guy is great with kids.  He’s patient and kind.  And good with animals, too.  He’s well-traveled–unbelievably so.

His wardrobe could use a little work.

The dream man I speak of is “The Man with the Yellow Hat.”  Yea, that guy.  The caretaker of PBS’ animated monkey, Curious George.

Every morning I sit in my living room and think to myself, This guy is fantastic!  He is smart, well-spoken and articulate.  Sure, he’s not classically handsome…but looks aren’t everything.  He’s not homely by any means–just a little average.  Each day, as Benjamin munches on his mid-morning Pop-Tart, I gaze into the big, brown eyes of a two-dimensional man who is known only by the moniker, The Man with the Yellow Hat.

As anyone knows from reading Curious George as a child, George is unintentionally  mischievous.  At least once in every episode George causes a colossal mess–but does The Man ever get angry?  No!  The Man with the Yellow Hat is blessed with exceptional patience.  He immediately recognizes George’s intended path and he always guides his young charge in a more socially acceptable direction.  George learns from his mistakes within a warm, nurturing, scaffolded environment.

Not only does The Man with the Yellow Hat offer George a parental presence, but he also provides the little monkey with cultural experiences offered to few other primates.  In this month alone The Man and George have traveled to the antarctic to photograph chinstrap penguins, they’ve flown to Paris to aid in the design of a children’s museum and they’ve orbited into space.

Did I mention The Man with the Yellow Hat owns a spacious city apartment (in a swanky building with a doorman), a country house and…a sweet yellow convertible.  He is a total catch!  I mean, this guy is mythical, isn’t he?

I remember watching an episode in which The Man and George were visiting Professor Wiseman at the Museum of Science.  The Man and Professor Wiseman were assembling a rare dinosaur skeleton and of course, George caused some trouble.  The curious monkey and his feline friend, Gnocchi, dissassembled the dinosaur and just in the nick of time…reassembled it.  When The Man appeared on the scene he was cool as a cucumber.  Ever patient and understanding, he did not scold George or give him a Time Out–instead, he gave him a chance to explain.  Of course, as is often the case…George had discovered an inaccuracy.  There had been an error in the original assembly of the dinosaur!  Thanks to George and the unwavering trust of The Man with the Yellow Hat, the correction was made and the exhibit was complete.

The Man with the Yellow Hat may only be a figment of the imagination of Hans and Margaret Rey, but to me he represents the ideal man.  He is funny and wise.  He is patient and kind.  The Man with the Yellow Hat seems indeed, mythical.  But, I’d like to think every dad wears a Yellow Hat once in a while.  I know Ben’s does!


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