Morning Brew 05-18-09

Posted by: , April 18, 2009 in 10:15 am

Today’s top headlines for parents

According to one study, the recession is rolling back virtually all the gains made in family health, safety and education since 1975.

But even despite the recession, parents are finding the money to send their kids off to expensive summer camps.

With the virus spreading rapidly through the system, an assistant principal becomes New York City’s first swine flu casualty:

As state Medicaid agencies apply more scrutiny to their prescription, the use of children’s psychiatric drugs is slowing down.

A principal who mistook a kilt-wearing Scottish student for a cross-dresser found himself offering an apology after ordering him to change.

Who knew there was a National Dog Bite Prevention Week?

A math education worth every penny:
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The Obamas give graduating seniors a presidential send-off with commencement speeches at Notre Dame and the University of California.

For her latest role as a pregnant woman in Terminator Salvation, new mom Dallas Bryce Howard was encouraged to keep on her baby weight.

Disney’s newest princess debuts in her very own trailer:


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