Morning Brew 05-20-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 05 20 09The judge who had to order the parents of 13-year old Daniel Hauser to get him medical for his cancer has now been forced to issue an arrest warrant for the mother after she and the boy have apparently disappeared.

Hannah just wants to be a normal kid but now, at 10-years old, she finds herself fighting a rare form of breast cancer.

The true scope of abuse in the classroom is just being revealed now:

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At 66-years old, Elizabeth Adeney is eight months pregnant and about to become a first time mom and the oldest woman in England to ever give birth.

In some weird type of behavioral imprinting, kids are four times more likely to be smokers if their mothers smoked while pregnant.

… and also more likely to be asthmatic if their moms are overweight.

Those awkward family photos might have seemed like a good idea at the time but you might change your mind once they hit the internet.

Could your kids give up technology for ten days?

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Disney World opens the Great Piggy Bank Adventure at Epcot to teach kids the value of money.

Monsters vs. Aliens is getting back into the fight as a TV pilot for Nickelodeon.

Soccer star Mia Hamm doesn’t want to be known as “supermom” just because she manages to care for twins.

Sarah Jessica Parker talks about preparing for the arrival of her twins:

… and worries about the health and safety of her surrogate:


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