Morning Brew 05-23-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 05 23 09Daniel Hauser’s doctor warns that the tumor growing in his chest will suffocate him to death within the next few weeks if his mother does not bring him back for chemotherapy treatment.

It was supposed to be a simple outpatient procedure, but a laser tonsillectomy turned deadly for a 5-year old Michigan boy.

Teen drivers are more likely than adults to have accidents but their youthful overconfidence is helping to put them into dangerous situations.

The Maddie McCann case now has a person on interest:

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Sarah Quinlan is only 3-years old but she knows a good online auction bargain when she sees one, so she didn’t hesitate to bid $12,500 on a bulldozer while her parents slept.

And other Memorial Day deals are in the works for savvy shoppers seeking big savings.

A judge is getting set to decide if you have a right to make a back up copy of your DVD movies.

17-year old Jordan Foxworthy is one of the Young People Who Rock:


Is Bristol Palin’s People Magazine cover actually promoting teen pregnancy?

Kelly Rutherford explains that the only reason she used secret video surveillance on her husband was because he didn’t do what she told him to do.

America’s favorite teacher, Mary Kay Letourneau, is back in the spotlight with her former student (and husband) as they host “Hot for Teacher Night” at a local bar.

Ugly Betty‘s Ana Ortiz talks about the excitement of expecting her baby:

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