The Pickiest Eater

Posted by: , April 25, 2009 in 1:07 pm

My son is 3 years old and loves to drive me crazy by NOT EATING. Well not eating healthy that is. He will eat chicken nuggets, french fries and pizza. But I’m happy to get something in his stomach, as long as a few food groups are represented. Anyway, I was out to lunch with some friends and our kids yesterday. One of the moms gave her daughter sushi! (not raw fish) And the other kid was eating cut up steak. Meanwhile my son must have eaten three french fries. So I made a joke about my son being such a picky eater. One mom (who I don’t know very well) says to me, “Kids will eat what you give them so you shouldn’t offer bad choices.” Wow, this woman obviously should not be wasting her time eating lunch with people like me, she should be traveling the world spreading her parenting wisdom.  I tried to poke fun at her.  I said, “I guess I don’t think that french fries are that bad… potatoes are vegetables you know.” I laughed at my own joke but said mom didn’t even crack a smile.  She looked at me like I was failing miserably at nourishing my child. Meanwhile her kid was the one eating steak so I said, “You know that steak clogs your arteries…”


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