Mummy Goes Literary

Posted by: , April 28, 2009 in 5:19 pm

Every Thursday my street looks like a scene from the movie, ‘Pleasantville’.  The clock hits 7:30 p.m. and the front doors open.  Women stream out and converge together on sidewalks, calling out greetings.  Like clockwork the women on my street meet each week for ‘girls night out’.  Some of us are mothers, some of us are not.  All of us work either from home or outside of it and look forward to these weekly gatherings to keep our sanity in check through the use of laughter, wine and good food.

Recently though we decided to get literary. Our conversations were dwindling down to babies, spousal complaints and whatever trampy skanky mess had just occurred on a variety of the VH-1 program schedule.  We formed a book club.  Now in its second month and second book we have found that while we love the idea of the book club we are finding it hard to love or even like the books we have chosen.  Each time a member has chosen a book it seems to point out the differences that we have.

As we enter into our third month and book I find that with each book it not only helps me to get to know my friends a little bit deeper but it opens me up to a type of literature that I would never normally chose.  Once again it just proves that new experiences not only open up our minds and expand our lives but that friendships are constantly evolving too.


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