Morning Brew 05-29-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 05 29 09President Obama warns that the opportunity for meaningful health care reform is now or never.

A 13-year old girl from Kansas won the National Spelling Bee and $40,000 by getting “Laudicean” “Laodisean” “Laodicean” right.

For some teens and even pre-teens today, “Oral Sex Is The New Goodnight Kiss“.

The recession is leading many families to delay health care for their children:
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For the first time ever, Teach for America has had more applicants than positions for teachers in poor neighborhoods but now the schools can’t afford to hire them.

Fairfox High School just picked their new prom queen and his name is Sergio Garcia.

Dell is launching a new, slim and easy to carry laptop intended mainly for students.

How safe are your kids from the hidden dangers in your house?

New federal guidelines for pregnancy-related weight gain:

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Melissa Joan Hart shares how she dropped 42 lbs of baby weight after her pregnancy.

As the recession leads many families to pass on gym memberships and personal trainers, videogames look to get physical.

Tom Brady calls for a time-out on those Gisele Bunchen baby reports.

Not realizing that their 15 minutes of fame was up the day after the election, the Palin-Johnston train wreck rolls on with a GQ photo shoot.

An exclusive clip from UP, in theaters today:

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