Morning Brew 06-03-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 03 09With up to 1/4 of all students chosing to just say yes, the surprising latest drug of choice sweeping across college campuses is ADHD medication.

In a travesty of justice and common sense, after a 5 year custody battle, a Brazilian judge has once again stopped the return of an American boy to his American father in favor of an unrelated Brazilian man.

The Extreme Eating report is out (and it doesn’t look good):
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And just how much hard labor in the gym did that donut cost you?

Childhood physical and mental health problems tend to last a lifetime.

Flextime offers working mothers a better balance between business and family.

Boyology offers teen girls an intro course to the basics of boys.

One school, 19 sets of twins:

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It’s a family feud, Suleman vs. Gosselin style.

Molly Ringwald is taking a second turn at pregnancy, this time with twins, and she intends to slow down and appreciate the moment.

Famously fit Olympic champion Amanda Beard is stressed about her pregnancy weight gain but is comforted that it is “for a purpose”.

For Saturday Night Live alumni Maya Rudolph, the hardest part of playing an expectant mother in Away We Go just might have been finding a nice maternity dress for the film’s red carpet premiere.

And Away We Go opens this week at a theater near you:

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