Morning Brew 06-08-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 08 09After befriending a woman through a Craigslist ad seeking second hand baby clothes, an expectant mother and her baby are now dead and the woman is facing murder charges.

A new study is calling into question the expensive and complex treatments currently used to treat diabetics with heart disease as cheaper and simpler methods prove just as effective.

New guidelines hope to protect young athletes from serious brain injuries but not everyone is on board with the program.

Parents in Mexico mourn after the day care center tragedy:

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Pregnancy and anorexia are a dangerous mix for both the moms and the babies.

Summer playtime is supposed to be full of fun, not danger, so parents can take some simple steps to keep kids safe.

An 8th-grader gets serious about his science fair project and takes the bicycle hi-tech (and solar powered).

How to lower your expenses at the gas pump.

And how to lower your property taxes:


Children’s book publisher Scholastic is getting the cold shoulder from teachers for focusing too much on toys and not enough on good books.

A Connecticut school district is shelving their Algebra textbooks and taking the math lessons online.

Publishers Weekly wants you to know their opinion on these books for kids.

And children’s book author Katie Davis has a few summer reading ideas:

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