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Posted by: , May 9, 2009 in 1:28 pm

lavilin aluminum free deodorantI stink.  And I do not mean that metaphorically.  I am embarrassed to admit that two weeks ago I was so busy, and so tired, that I literally forgot to put on deodorant for three days.  I didn’t even realize it until I went to breast-feed my baby and I got a whiff of something rather unpleasant – me.  I guess I really should say I “stank” since this is a problem with a solution.  And I will now impart that solution to you.  Lavilin long-lasting, all-natural, aluminum-free deodorant (aka. The Miracle of Freshness) has kept me odor-free for the last two weeks.  It came not a moment too soon.Lavilin Hypo-Allergenic Deodorant was designed by scientists who discovered that body odor is actually caused by bacteria.  When you eliminate the bacteria, you eliminate the odor!  I admit I was skeptical when I read claims that Lavilin can last up to one week with a single application, but I was truly impressed.

The first time I tried it was a Tuesday morning.  That day I worked out at a gym, ran around with my daughter, and cooked dinner for 5.  The next day I woke up and – no odor!  I went to a meeting, jetted to a yoga class and picked up my daughter – still smelling fresh!  I wondered just how far I could push it, and let me tell you – I did not have to reapply until SUNDAY!!!  That is six days with one application.  This is a perfect solution for busy, forgetful moms.  One less thing to remember.

Plus, it is great for those of you concerned about environmental factors, like aluminum, that are present in nearly all deodorants on the market.  This product is ALL-NATURAL and ALUMINUM FREE!!!  There has been much debate about the harmful effects that aluminum may have on the human body.  Not the least of which are claims of a connection between aluminum and alzheimers disease.  I don’t know if the connection has been made certain yet, but I’ve been following the progress of this for some time and I just feel safer using aluminum-free products.  Especially while I am breast-feeding.  The thought of my baby so incredibly close to the deodorant I am using motivates me to stick to all-natural, aluminum-free products.

And now I can!  Ahhh…. Breathing easy…

For more information:  Retails for: $15

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