Morning Brew 06-09-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 09 09Police are now revealing that the alleged Craigslist baby killer actually cut the baby out from the 21-year old mother’s womb.

One year after the brutal murder of two young girls in a small, quiet town, their deaths still remain a complete mystery.

The medical community is taking a closer look at ways to deal with bullies.

Teen gang of bullies beat a boy to death:


Is Skynet changing strategy, moving away from Terminators and simply turning our own computers against us?

Hardcore computer gamers are losing an average of two hours of sleep per night

New proposed drugs are promising great advances in the treatment of diabetes.

The at-home, over the counter Boy or Girl Gender Prediction Test is now on your local pharmacy shelf (unless you live in China or India).

Dealing with ADHD in school:

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Is this young boy a reincarnated WWII fighter pilot? His parents are convinced that he is.

Thanks to a few animal loving viewers, Jon & Kate now have the attention of the Humane Society who suggest that “they might want to teach the kids how to better interact with the dogs…”.

Reese Witherspoon keeps her daughter in mind when deciding which roles (and role models) to immortalize on screen.

Gossip Girl mom Kelly Rutherford just became a real mother for the second time with the birth of her baby daughter.

John Travolta, still in mourning over the loss of his son, sits out of the publicity tour for his new movie.

Stars support Paul Newman’s Hole in the Wall children’s camps:

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