Morning Brew 06-14-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 14 09With nearly 6 million kids caught up in the bullying epidemic, either as victims or perpetraitors, doctors are looking for a way to stop it.

Experts warn of summer’s heightened drowning risk as kids head back to the beach and pool to cool off.

Six Flags family theme parks take a financial rollercoaster ride into bankruptcy.

When selling or refinancing your own home, your neighbors mortgage woes might affect you more than you think.

How to have a healthier pregnancy (and healthier baby):
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California looks to cut $350 million from their budget deficit by taking textbooks online.

In urban public schools, the disparity in access and funding for girls’ sports programs grows bigger as schools fall short on funding.

After allegedly burning a cross into a student’s arm and preaching Christianity in class, a teacher seeks a $1 million payout from his school district for violating his freedom of speech.

Can American schools be fixed?


Regular parents are revolting as their kids get more and more caught up in the paparazzi crush for celebrity baby pictures.

Former American Idol contender Bo Bice is in line to be a new dad for the third time with his wife expecting in January.

The Gallagher Girls book series by Ally Carter is proving to be a regular title on the bestseller list.

More from Moore on her new children’s book:

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