Morning Brew 06-17-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 17 09Schoolkids are likely to move to the head of the line for flu shots this fall and schools are being told to prep for mass vaccinations.

The FDA is warning all consumers to stop using Zicam nasal spray immediately due to the possible permanent loss of the sense of smell.

Fifty-four years after a 2-year old was abducted, the missing boy came back to the Long Island family that he thinks is his.

The recession has some parents at a loss for fun summer plans for the kids.

Is staying together good for the kids?

After 208 years in service, the Hancock Village School in Vermont is closing its doors for its last summer recess.

Disney gets into the netbook laptop computer business with the $350 Princess-themed Netpal for kids.

A 14,000 text per month habit helped this teen train for the title of National Texting Champion and a $50,000 prize.

One surprised student, crossing the stage to accept his diploma, found himself denied the right to graduate.

And hijinks with a yearbook cover gives everyone a last minute surprise:


J.K. Rowling is fighting a Harry Potter plagiarism claim because an obscure author of a 36 page booklet once had a wizard ride a train.

Homer Simpson takes a second job as the voice of your Tom Tom GPS device.

Strict mom Michelle Pfeiffer has no regrets about putting her movie career on hold to raise her kids.

The website that Nadya Suleman let into her home to film her kids is in trouble for violating California’s child labor laws. No word yet on the mother’s responsibility in this matter.

A 40-year old mom set her mind to it and lost 100 pounds:

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