Morning Brew 06-19-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 19 09U.S. healthcare costs for employers are expected to rise a staggering 9 percent in 2010 (and employees are likely to start paying a bigger portion of the bill).

With the passage of new legislation this week, you might be able to trade-in your gas guzzler for a $4,500 voucher toward a new car.

Colleges are finding some clever and simple ways to save money on their already slashed budgets.

One little boy is taking a stand against bullies:


Stress at the office for pregnant women can harm their babies including an increased risk of low infant birth weight.

So if you are stressed and pregnant, work to bring your blood pressure down.

And one mother who must be pretty stressed right now (but says she is not) was found guilty of downloading 24 songs and fined $1.92 million.

If you are looking to clear some clutter and raise some cash, you can have the best yard sale ever.

Some advice for getting your child to sleep:

Barack Obama opens up about imperfect parenting.

For the upcoming Father’s Day, ET looks at a few celebrity dads and their kids and ABC News checks out this year’s hottest fathers.

These children’s books plot their stories around Dad as the main character.

Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz is due June 25th but still had time to sit down and answer a few questions.

The on-again off-again baby bump speculation about Gisele Bundchen is on-again.

Parents of teen Gossip Girl fans might have some damage control to do as Leighton Meester is allegedly on her way to adding a celebrity sex tape to her filmography.

Jon & Kate are touting their announcement in a very special episode:

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