Morning Brew 06-26-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 06 26 09The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has died and one important question is what happens to his children now?

After a shortage starting 18 months ago curtailed the use of a key children’s vaccine, supplies are almost back to normal.

A prison inmate objects to being treate like a prison inmate and sues for being shackled during childbirth.

The Supreme Court rules a school’s strip search of a 13-year old girl was illegal:

And retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor writes, Finding Susie, her second children’s book.

A Harvard professor takes a scholarly look at the power of the fairy tale in children’s literature.

As blue collar job prospects diminish, the recession has the ironic effect of sending more kids on a path toward college.

A family gets a food makeover:

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As the divorce inevitably heats up, will the court step in and take the 8 off the Jon & Kate show?

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adrianna Lima, with one baby already on the way, is looking to keep going for a big family.

Fatherhood came naturally to Liev Schreiber.

Cameron Diaz plays mom for the first time:
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