Mini Kickboard Scooter win it!!

Posted by: , May 27, 2009 in 8:40 am

Mini Kickboard ScooterAfter years of watching her older brother ride his scooter, my 4-year old daughter has been itching to get her own.  We decided to take the Mini Kickboard scooter, specifically designed for two to five year olds, for a test drive on the sidewalks of our neighborhood.  The first thing she loved about the Mini Kickboard scooter was the bright, fun color (we chose pink).  She’s a little fashionista at 4 (going on 14), so if it’s not “pretty” she won’t ride anything.  She “oohed” and “aahed” when she saw the pink footboard matched her outfit.  Score one for Mom. The roomy, flexible footboard on the Mini Kickboard makes it easy for kids to stand on and balance.  I could tell from the moment she stepped on the Mini Kickboard she felt secure.  Kids use their body weight to “steer” the Mini Kick; leaning to the left or right depending on the direction they want to go.  In no time, she was mastering the scooter beautifully, easily steering and controlling her turns.  I don’t know who was having more fun…her riding the scooter or me watching her!

I’m happy to say we’ve had very few “tumbles” with the Mini Kickboard scooter.  Even when she has fallen, she doesn’t have very far to go — the scooter is low to the ground and the three large wheels (two in front and one in back) makes it very forgiving on bumps and cracks in the sidewalk.  Of course, the company recommends all children wear “protective gear,” including helmets, knee, wrist and elbow pads.

My daughter’s been scootering around the neighborhood and at our local parks for months now.  She feels very independent that she can carry it all by herself (it’s extremely lightweight) and is thrilled she has a scooter she can call her own.  She loves to race my 7 year-old and his friends at the park.  If you ask my daughter, the Mini Kickboard scooter is definitely a winner!

It seems my daughter is not alone, celebrities Michelle Williams, Hugh Jackman and Claudia Schiffer all have their little ones scooting around town on the Mini Kickboard Scooter.

The Mini Kickboard scooter retails for $74.99.  For more information, or to buy, visit

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