Morning Brew 07-04-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 07 04 09Alaska Governor Sarah Palin steps up as a patriotic role model for her kids and shows them how to be a quitter.

Just in time to celebrate Independence Day, Disney World gets the animatronic version of Barack Obama inaugurated into their Hall of Presidents.

New York City reopens the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

And the annual reminder: Don’t let your family become one of the 10,000 who fall victim to fireworks related injuries every year.

An enterprising mom launches an organic baby food business from home:


The Education Secretary sees charter schools as one of the “most profound changes in American education” and wants to see more of them.

To celebrate the end of the semester, an elementary school teacher made a highlight DVD for all of her students and accidentally included footage from her home sex tape.

Summer camps are taking extra precautions as parents concern over the swine flu continues.

The School Library Journal gets children’s book expert Kathleen Horning to sit down for a chat.

Getting the car ready for the family road trip:

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Bravo’s new reality show NYC Prep gets a reality check from parents and critics.

After two months of edge-of-our-seat anticipation, Tobey Maguire finally reveals the name of his new son to be… Otis.

How I Met Your Mother star Cobie Smulders revealed that she and her husband quietly worked on an unofficial spin-off back in May with How I Met My Daughter, Shaelyn Cado Killiam.

Healthy ice cream? Can it really be true?

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