Morning Brew 07-07-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 07 07 09Identity thieves can rejoice now that the formula used to assign Social Security numbers has been cracked and it is apparently very simple to figure out someone’s info.

College will never be the same again as dorm rooms go coed.

Mom pleads not guilty to letting her child die without cancer treatment:


This common cause of infertility is cheap and easy to cure but often overlooked.

Above all other positive factors keeping kids from smoking, from parents to team sports, the negative influence of smoking in movies trumps them all in leading kids to light up.

Some advice on how to make heart-healthy choices even if you are dining out.

Baby food goes haute cuisine.

“Prescription drugs should be enemy #1”

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One of those Slumdog Millionaire kids makes it out of the slum and into his new home.

Families are put to the test in The Great American Road Trip, premiering tonight on NBC.

Miley Cyrus thinks her new clothing line for Wal-Mart will be “great for kids that really want to be in fashion“.

Between sets on the stripper pole and making headlines for actually wearing underwear, Kendra Wilkinson promises that she’ll be a strict Christian mother.

For Caroline Rhea, becoming a mom is the most favorite thing she’s ever done.

An inside look at Disney World’s new presidential attraction:

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