Primed for a Change

Posted by: , June 9, 2009 in 1:21 am

Sorry I have been absent.? We’re doing a little home makeover.? No.? Literally…it’s little.? We’re not tearing down any walls or replacing any appliances.? We’re simply switching our Master Bedroom and the Schoolroom.Here’s the deal.? We have a three-bedroom home.? The third bedroom, usually reserved as a guest bedroom, we originally made our library.? We lined one whole wall with IKEA bookshelves and it served as our library for two years.? Then, I became pregnant.?? Once, Benjamin was born the library became more of an office.? You see, I was completing a 104,000-word novel.

Don’t be impressed.? It never got published.

Finally, when Benjamin was potty trained we moved two of the four IKEA bookshelves out of the library and into his bedroom and we moved his changing table (a handmade piece crafted by my father-in-law) into the library.? This created a sort of? organizational wall unit.? We filled the drawers of the changing table with dress-up clothes, Ben’s musical instruments and “school stuff.”? And the library became…the schoolroom.

For the last two years we have referred to that room as the schoolroom.? It was cozy.? Too cozy.? One day Ben was stumbling into things, doing his hilarious “life cycle of the butterfly ” interpretive dance,? when I realized the room was way too small!? So, brainstorming began.? And it hit me…why do Michael and I need a large Master Bedroom?? We sleep there.? We do other stuff…don’t get me wrong, but basically anything we do in the bedroom does not require a lot of space.? So, we dismantled the armoire (a dilapidated piece of newlywed era furniture) and put the dresser in the attic.? All of the clothing that was stashed in those two pieces was relocated.? Everything was moving along swimmingly.? Is that the term?? ‘Cause to be honest, I am not a fan of water…so swimmingly is sort of an odd word for success in my book.? Anyway…

We began the renovation last weekend.? Everything that could go wrong…went wrong.? First, we realized we did not have enough primer.? We thought we had a full can of white primer.? Nope.? So…off to Lowe’s we went.? We were going to start priming but colossally bad preparation by the previous homeowners left us with a bunch of crap to deal with–i.e. Michael having to strip the woodwork before we could prime.? While he melted paint off the trim with a fiery hot Black & Decker gun thingy, I went outside to photograph some of my Etsy items.? When I returned I learned he’d set off the smoke detector.? And, it never woke Ben.? Great.

Eventually, we did begin priming.? And, I stepped in primer.? And, I left my footprints on the hardwood floor.? Nice.? But then we got to roll on the real paint–and I also stepped in that (however, this time I wiped it off before stepping off the drop cloth).? After the walls were completed, Michael spent a few days painstakingly painting the trim (molding, trim and three doors).

We moved our bedroom furniture on Saturday and last night, spent the night in our new bedroom.? We love it!? The paint is beautiful and the bedroom is so cozy.? Cozy is okay for a bedroom…not a schoolroom.? When Benjamin bounded into our room this morning, he climbed between us and announced, “I love your new bedroom.”

Now, if only he didn’t sleep through the smoke alarm that hangs outside his bedroom door!

[Stay tuned for the Schoolroom Makeover…]


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