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Posted by: , June 11, 2009 in 12:43 pm

swing Medela SwingWhen I first began breastfeeding my newborn, I couldn?t imagine how I would fit pumping into my lifestyle when I went back to work.? Then along came the Medela Swing. The portability and efficiency of the Medela Swing make it the perfect pump for an active mom.?The Medela Swing, which is about the size of a portable CD player (and weighs in at only 2 pounds),? fits easily into a handbag or briefcase.? Yet, the Swing also has the Medela 2-Phase Expression technology, which mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm, to make pumping comfortable and efficient. The first phase simulates a baby’s initial rapid sucking to stimulate the milk to flow and the second phase simulates the baby’s slower, deeper sucking to express the milk as quickly as possible.? For such a small pump it is surprisingly strong and fast. ?Exactly what every mom wants.?I rented the Medela Symphony for my initial home use during my maternity leave and was extremely happy with the pump.? But when I went back to work I found it difficult to carry with me, especially my first week back when I had an off-site conference to attend.? The Medela Swing is the ideal choice for my on-the-go needs.? Although the Swing does not have the dual pumping action of the Medela Symphony, it does have a powerful motor and the 2-Phase Expression technology, which definitely beats manual pumping.

I easily carry the pump in my handbag to the lactation room at the office, to a women?s lounge when I need to spend a day at a conference or elsewhere when my work requires me to travel. And the Medela 2-Phase Expression technology and SoftFit Breastshield allow the Medela Swing to comfortably and quickly complete the pumping process on the run.? In short, the Swing is an invaluable tool for being able to pump quickly and discreetly wherever and whenever I need to!

The Medela Swing pump incorporates key features, including the Medela 2-Phase Expression technology, a one-touch ?let down? button designed for faster milk flow and adjustable speed and vacuum levels.? The Swing also includes containers and lids, a container stand, a SoftFit Breastshield and carrying bag.? The Medela Swing pump retails for $149.99.

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