Morning Brew 07-19-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 07 19 09With the help of the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program, 13 states states have acted to get medical coverage for 250,000 kids.

Whether they are low maintenance or super difficult, your baby’s temperament may have nothing to do with you as a parent and everything to do with a certain gene and brain activity pattern.

Top 10 names for bad boys:

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A husband + a wife + a sister = 4 babies

A Harvard education expert looks at what parents can do for their kids.

Of course boys don’t have BFF’s!

Why are banks trying to nickel and dime us all the way to the bank?

This mailman just couldn’t resist all the cash in those kids’ birthday cards.

Twitter for fetuses:
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The Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo thinks kids should not play just one sport and credits his interest in other sports for some of his success in football.

Kate Gosselin puts her kids right into the middle of a media circus scuffle.

Actress Julie Delpy’s video baby monitor fits her paranoid parent personality perfectly.

Lindsay Lohan fakes her Labor Pains on ABC Family tonight at 8PM:

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