Dulce Gusto Packs a Punch!

Posted by: , June 22, 2009 in 2:01 pm

I review products weekly on my review blog and while I am often sent many wonderful, engaging and sometimes down right bizarre items to test out and write up there are a few select items that I just cannot wait to get my hands on right from their release.? The Dulce Gusto ($169) coffee machine by Krups Nescafe is one such item.

When I first layed eyes on this orb-shaped machine I was skeptical.? It makes only one drink at a time and while those drinks are numerous in flavor (cappucino, espresso, americano, hot chocolate, lattes and more!) I was leary of the taste, quality and price tag.? Would having something suck up more counter space really be worth it?? Would I even use it to justify it’s price?? One word: Yes!

Since receiving the Dulce Gusto as a birthday present (Thanks Mom and Dad!) I have used it at least once a day.? Even after weeks of use I still cannot wait to start it up each morning. Here’s why- in about 30 seconds I have the perfect espresso, latte or cappacuino and it tastes identical to the ones I get at the local SBUX.? No more running out mid-day with the two kids in tow to get my latte fix and forking over my meager writing wages to the local barista.? Now I am the barista whenever I want to be and it is fabulous!?

To me, this machine is entirely worth it if you a.) only need one cup at a time.? b.) Like specialty coffees and/or c.) are looking for a way to save money.? It’s a bigger up front cost but it saves time and money in the long run.


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