Morning Brew 07-24-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 07 24 09School districts looking toward education reform can compete for a slice of the $5 billion stimulus pie in the “Race to the Top”.

Close to 15% of low income preschoolers are considered clinically obese.

For approximately 4.5 Americans, one bee sting could be fatal and they don’t even know it.

Through the Horizons program , private schools work to slow the summer brain drain for lower income students:

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For inactive kids, it’s harder for them to fall asleep at night than their busy counterparts.

New York offers families a chance to camp out in the city parks with dinner, breakfast and everything else except sleeping bags supplied for free.

Since TV is so yesterday, retailers are taking their first wave of back-to-school marketing online to social media sites.

The buzz has quieted down but the swine flu virus, H1N1, is still spreading worldwide, reaching 160 countries so far and carrying a death toll of almost 800 people.

And the CDC is now warning that the swine flu may cause seizures in children.

So far, 6 pregnant women in America have died from swine flu:
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A day after the birth of their son, a judge weighs in on the Nas – Kelis split and orders $40K in monthly support payments to the new mother.

Meanwhile, Michael Jackson’s mom is begging the probate judge for cash to pay expenses for watching her grandkids because she *** ahem *** has no income other than Social Security.

And the son of Michael Jackson’s former nanny and driver thinks he could actually be the singer’s offspring.

Grand Slam tennis champ Roger Federer and his wife welcomed twin girls last night.

Iron Chef Cat Cora and wife Jennifer welcomed their fourth son, Nash, over the weekend.

Disney reveals a first peak at the new Alice in Wonderland:

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