Morning Brew 07-26-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 07 26 09It sounds more like the plot of a cheap disaster movie but a children’s rollercoaster derailed last night, injuring seven children (just a few bumps and scratches).

Seeing his 11-year old daughter’s undiagnosed diabetes as a “test of his faith”, Dale Neumann prayed for her recovery until she stopped breathing. Now he can pray that he isn’t convicted of reckless homicide.

How schools can succeed:


The CDC recommends that all children, from 6 months to 18 years old, get a seasonal influenza vaccine shot.

Without a viable vaccine, the CDC projects that the swine flu could hit almost 40% of Americans over the next two years.

These just might be the four most disgusting illnesses a kid could could get.

The first step to losing that baby weight is getting a good night’s sleep.

What new dads can do to prepare for the trip to the delivery room.

Simple and cheap do-it-yourself home security:

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Wal-Mart is boosting choices and slashing prices on laptop computers in a bid to win over budget conscious back-to-school shoppers.

Is that message really from your Facebook friend?

Heidi Klum explains her Humpty Dumpty theory of conception.

Single mom Angie Everhart gave birth to her baby boy, Kayden Bobby Everhart, on Friday.

Keeping peace in the backseat:

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