Morning Brew 08-01-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 08 01 09With nothing more than a wild rumor, recanted by the boy who started it, a new teacher finds herself under arrest for having sex with a student.

California’s new budget, seeking to close a $24 billion gap, ends up doubling the number of uninsured children in the state.

Congress moves a little bit closer to a consensus on healthcare reform.

Schools prepare for the return of the H1N1 swine flu virus:

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One way to cut healthcare costs is to raise healthier kids through more nutritious school lunches.

Children as young as 9 years old seem to be able to learn and effectively perform CPR.

Drug tainted Skittles, laced with OxyContin and found in an airport, sickens a 4-year old girl.

Honda widens its potentially deadly airbag recall – official company info here.

A graduate student gets the bill for illegally downloading and sharing 30 songs online – $675,000.

Parenting protocol from the IT Dept.

HPV – to vaccinate or not?

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Dick and Jane strike a chord in the museum and at home with their retro nostalgia vibe.

Admission to the happiest place on earth is about to get a little more expensive this weekend as Disney World raises ticket prices.

After just learning that he would be a new dad again, Jude Law finds out that he’s having a girl and her name will be Sophia.

A conspiracy theorist has fun wondering if Jon & Kate are faking it.

Singer and actor Usher starts a special summer camp of his own:


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