Morning Brew 08-05-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 08 05 09Kids learn that getting good grades pays off… by getting paid to get good grades.

While parents are keeping order outside, kids are more free than ever to go wild at home.

Mom was drunk and stoned in a head-on crash that killed 8:
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Over the counter and prescription medicines found at home are the number one cause of accidental poisoning experienced by over 70,000 kids int he U.S. each year.

Making a case for paid leave when a newborn joins the family.

The average cost of raising a child for middle class families is over $221,000 (and, most of the time, they are worth every penny).

Rising premiums force families to forgo health insurance:


Top Chef Tom Colicchio and his wife became the proud parents of son Luka on Saturday night.

Michael Jackson’s dad makes it official and tells the court that he won’t be involved as his wife raises their grandkids.

Like the nosy next door neighbor in a nightmare, lawyer Gloria Allred can’t seem to leave Nadya Suleman alone.

Jon & Kate come back for more:

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