Evenflo Symphony Car Seat

Posted by: , July 8, 2009 in 10:10 am

evenflo Evenflo Symphony Car SeatI love the word Evenflo.  It conjures up memories of old Pearl Jam albums and ice movements in Norway.  But with the addition of a baby to our family, Evenflo has taken on a whole host of new associations.  Our Evenflo Symphony is a plush and luxurious chariot for my little princess and she looks so happy and relaxed in it that she may as well be holding court.  Best of all – I can relax knowing that she is secure in a car seat equipped with the state-of-the art safety features.  The Symphony has a SureLATCH Connector system that secures the car seat to the car quickly, safely and tightly.  I might also add that I was actually able to install the Evenflo Symphony myself—no small feat for someone who routinely goes to the police station to make sure our car seats are properly situated!  In addition, and perhaps most impressively, the Symphony has structural integrity that surpasses the federal crash safety standards.

Also, the Symphony is a great investment.  It is actually a 3-in-1 car seat that accommodates children from birth to 100 pounds, saving you from buying new car seats as your baby rapidly grows.  In that regard, the Symphony comes with a Harness Adjustment System, multiple positions it can recline to and an adjustable headrest—all to ensure that your baby stays supremely comfortable as she develops and grows.

It’s a really nice change to be able to take a ride with my little one without her wailing for the majority of the time we are in the car.  Perhaps she didn’t like her infant seat.  Perhaps she’s grown up and learned to enjoy the open road.  But more likely she is finally comfortable while I’m chauffeuring her around town.  She used to burst into tears at the mere sight of her car seat, but I am happy to report she has taken to her new Evenflo Symphony and now bops along to music, talks out the window and, occasionally, even naps.  I recently looked back and saw her two little pig-tails drooping heavily over to the side.  Her head was practically resting on the seat next to it.  I agonized over how to proceed.  Do I pull over and try to adjust her so that her neck would not get a crick in it?  Is it worth the risk of waking her from her nap?  I decided it was.  And when I pulled over I remembered the Evenflo’s adjustable headrest.  A quick adjustment, a straighter neck and she never stopped snoozing.

So even though the word Evenflo now makes me think more of car rides listening to Elmo than it does of ski trips listening to Pearl Jam, it is a word that will perennially bring up positive associations of comfort, safety, warmth and love.

Go to www.evenflo.com and tell us the feature of the seat you’re most excited about and be entered for a chance to win your own Evenflo Symphony carseat.

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