Morning Brew 08-11-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 08 11 09As swine flu concerns push schools into the public health spotlight, the shortage of school nurses is getting noticed.

Little thieves are more common than you think and may not really be that much to worry about if parents make the most of the opportunity to teach ethical behavior.

Some parents of late-birthday kids are putting kindergarten off for an extra year.

Food allergies and how to treat them:


Do the benefits of flu drugs for children outweigh the risks they pose to them?

For women with a family history of breast cancer, breastfeeding can cut their own risk by almost 60 percent.

Ovarian cancer treatments don’t necessarily mean an end to fertility.

Researchers can’t figure out the exact connection but children with high IQ’s live longer than their less sharp counterparts (maybe one of the smart kids can figure it out when they grow up).

Good penmanship is the order of the day at summer handwriting camp.

With $40 billion in spending power, tweens know their brands:

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The art of the Little Golden Books get a museum retrospective.

This week in new children’s book releases.

The new Octomom documentary will give an up-close close at Nadya Suleman and the producer promises “viewers will react strongly”.

Scrubs‘ nurse Judy Reyes will soon be heading to the maternity ward to deliver a baby girl.

Jon Cryer wants the whole family to enjoy his new movie Shorts:

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