Morning Brew 08-12-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 08 12 09Two parents are bristled by the mention of their daughters in a political poster.

They’re very different and don’t agree on many things but parents and kids finally seem to be more at peace than previous generations.

The recession brings the choice- the dentist or dinner?

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If this is your first go around sending your child off to kindergarten, start your preparation with this helpful advice.

Parents get poor marks and caregivers fair even worse when it comes to identifying dangers that toddlers face around the house.

It pays to look on the bright side – optimistic women are healthier and live longer.

In the spotlight: Moms who drink.

Addicted to pregnancy:

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Dreamgirl Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson is now the proud mother of brand new dreamboy David.

The Office star Angela Kinsey fesses up to one particular mistake as a mom and shares a few items on her must-have list.

A sneak peek at the upcoming Octomom TV special:

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