Morning Brew 08-16-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 08 16 09The number of U.S. kids seeking free or reduced-cost meals at school could reach its highest number in over 40 years due to job losses at home and the decline in the economy.

After taking a stand against universal healthcare for its customers, its customers are taking a stand against Whole Foods.

A mini-van mom is tasered as her kids watch:

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Babies are getting smarter everyday.

… and they want toys!

(Well, maybe this kid isn’t so smart).

Obesity is the elephant in the room of health care reform…”

When you’re the chaperone: How to take a lot of kids on a trip.

For profit colleges are increasing enrollment… and the student loan debts of their alumni.

Safe birth control pills:
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Paparazzi sneaked private pictures of a young teen in her room inside George Clooney’s house and he is pissed.

Brad Pitt is passing on the joints now that he is a father with new priorities and responsibilities.

Antonio Sabato Jr. loves being a dad to his two kids and does the best he can to be a role model for them.

Hugh Jackman’s big win is being a cool dad:

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