Britax Advocate CS

Posted by: , July 23, 2009 in 1:39 pm

britax advocate cs Britax Advocate CSBritax has set the standard in safety and functionality for car seat makers around the world.  After a few days with the new Britax Advocate CS, you will wonder how you drove around so long with any other car seat in your vehicle.  I’ve been through my share of car seats in the past and so I am always on the lookout for just what makes the new and improved models “new” and “improved.”  As soon as I opened the box of the Britax Advocate CS, I was immediately struck by the new safety design features of this product.

Since 2002, Britax has been incorporating True Side Impact Protection into their car seats.  True Side Impact Protection is a system encompassing multiple areas of the seat including the deep side walls of the seat shell and the adjustable head restraint and the energy-absorbing foam that lines the head restraint.

In its newest model, the Advicate CS, Britax has added the Side Impact Cushion Technology.  This new feature reduces side impact crash energy by 50%!  Side Impact Cushion Technology is comprised of air-filled, energy-management cushions on either side of the child seat that protect both your child and any adjacent passengers in the event of a side impact crash and it is these cushions that I saw as soon as I opened the box.

The importance of safety features that protect children from side impact crashes cannor be overestimated.  One in four crashes occur from the side and 30% of fatalities are the result of side impact accidents.

Another impressive feature of the Britax Advocate CS is the Click & Safe mechanism, which allows you to adjust the harness on the car seat without guessing as to how snug the belt needs to be.  For your child’s safety it is important to have a harness that fits securely without being too loose or digging in to your child’s skin.  The Click & Safe feature takes the guessing out of the game.

An added bonus is the gorgeous fabrics that the Britax Advocate CS is offered in.  Their signature Kathryn pattern has a lovely retro-inspired feel and it’s soft as can be.  Safety and beauty—what more could there be!

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