Morning Brew 08-29-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 08 29 09Police admit that they missed many chances to rescue Jaycee Lee Dugard even earlier.

To protest their lack of hiring authority, NYC school principals are leaving 1,800 teaching jobs vacant instead of filling them with the almost 2,000 teachers already on the payroll but sitting idle without positions.

Mom gets jailtime for faking her daughter’s kidnapping and heading off to Disney World (and her father decides to beat up the press at the courthouse).

Parents need back-to-school preparation too:

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A 13 year old girl’s plans to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world have been sunk by a court that has placed her under temporary state supervision.

What to do when they won’t do their homework.

Those annoying pre-recorded telemarketing robocalls are officially banned as of Sept. 1st, with a few exceptions.

Your Facebook and Twitter posts about upcoming vacations might just be letting burglars know which house to hit next.

Kids are the real victims when parents drag them through those nasty divorces.

Finally, the future is now with no-melt ice cream:
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Having her son changed Laila Ali’s life.

Kelly Preston finds that it’s still too hard to speak about the death of her son.

After dumping his wife for other woman LeAnn Rimes, Ugly Betty star Eddie Cibrian pledges to be “respectful and sensitve” and work with his ex to parent their children together.

A domestic abuser only a mother could love:

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