Saying 'Yes' More

Posted by: , August 3, 2009 in 9:04 am

I run a pretty tight ship in my house. I like things neat and orderly.? Unless you are venturing into my basement you will see that as a whole I’m a pretty organized woman.? I don’t like loud noises, sticky messes or stuff lying around on the floor.? “There’s a place for everything and everything in it’s place” is probably a good motto for me.

Add in the fact that I work from home most days and my house can get a? chaotic feel.? I’ve begun to notice that to keep order in my world I’ve been saying ‘no’ a lot lately.? No, to my three year-old when all she wants to do is play with sidewalk chalk on our deck.? No to the paints, clay and oodles of stickers, bubbles and crayons that litter my world.? I feel as if I have systematically sucked the joy out of our summer in the process.?

Then my two girls went away for a week while I traveled for work and I had a chance to really miss them. My house?? It was spotless for one whole week and a quiet hush settled over it.? It was a balm for my soul I will admit but it was nothing compared to how much I missed my girls and their giggling ways.? So while I am not one to put hearts and flowers on everything, to break out a quick little craft project or even go fly a kite I have begun to see the importance of saying ‘yes’ more and maybe letting us all breathe in that summer air a little longer each day.?

The laptop and all its work will be there patiently waiting.


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