Unrealistic Breast Sucking on WEEDS

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facebook weeds Unrealistic Breast Sucking on WEEDSLast night on Showtime’s WEEDS, the main character (Nancy) finds herself in a bind when her breast pump breaks in the bathroom of a restaurant. ?She enlists the help of her brother-in-law (Andy) to suck out some milk and relieve the pressure. ?(The episode is aptly named, Suck and Spit) First of all, let me start by saying that I breast fed two babies for over a year, suffered engorgement many times and ?NEVER considered asking my husband to suck my breasts! ?I especially wouldn’t ask someone I wasn’t romantically involved with. ?And believe me, I’m not a prude. I don’t know anyone else who would stoop to that level. ?Yes I know it’s just a television show. ?It just sounds to me like something a bunch of pent up male writers thought of. ?Part of some kind of breast feeding fetish. ?Although it seems that most of the writers of Weeds are men (like all TV), the creator, Jenji Kohan, is a woman and if she is aware of how breast feeding works, might have put the kabash on this plot line. ?Make no mistake, my husband loved it and couldn’t understand why I was outraged.

Anyone who has breast fed knows that there were many other options for her besides the contrived situation they came up with. How about manually expressing some milk out, or putting a hot towel on them…or go home!! ?Or drink more! ?If she was as drunk as she was acting, she actually shouldn’t have felt any pain. ??

I am well aware that WEEDS is not known for it’s realistic plots, but don’t mess with moms and their?breast feeding. ?

Having said all this, I did laugh out loud when Andy swallowed the breastmilk he had sucked out and Nancy says, “You SWALLOWED!” ?And Andy says,?”Yeah, well, I don’t want to be a hypocrite…” ?Still a great show.

To see the show go to:?http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1922800


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