Morning Brew 09-13-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 09 13 09A young immigrant, required by law to take specific vaccines, finds her citizenship quest in jeopardy since she refuses to take Gardasil over safety concerns and a religious objection.

To the outrage of parents, a bank finds an inventive way to get college freshman to open new savings accounts – offer free passes to a strip club.

Helping teens succeed:

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Although preventable with a vaccine, 1.2 million children die every year from pneumonia.

Schools get low marks from parents on their anti-bullying efforts.

As schools look to cut budgets, foreign language classes are some of the first to go.

Star Wars fans are in for a surprise as Disney plans a major 3-D update to their Star Tours ride.

And George Lucas unveils Lucidity, a new game that celebrates exploration and problem solving.

The “Adoption Diairies”:


At 62, music legend Elton John looks to adopt.

Rapper Lil’ Wayne becomes a dad for the third time with first time new mother actress Lauren London.

Friday was a big day for country sing Zac Brown – his first CMA nomination followed by the birth of his daughter.

Behind the scenes at the Crayola factory:

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