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chicco Chicco LitewayI used to love to travel.  Going to the airport, boarding the plane, being whisked off to some exotic vacation spot and leaving the every-day behind.  What an adventure!  I am sorry to say that I no longer feel this way.  The thought of airports now fill me with dread. Endless lines, missed connections, infinite security checks, and ALL that baby paraphernalia!

I vowed to pack light on my latest excursion, but don’t we always do that.   The one thing I was able to do to lighten my load was leave my daughter’s heavy, clumsy, inconvenient stroller behind.  I was on the look out for the lightest, easiest, simplest-to-fold-up stroller I could find.  I stopped into a mom and pop stroller shop in the middle of LA to ask their opinion.  The Chicco Liteway.  No doubt.  Would your mother lie to you? I was not disappointed.

The Chicco Liteway is a super lightweight stroller perfect for travel and transport.  It has a lightweight, aluminum frame and a compact 3-D fold.  The padded, five point harness keeps a child securely in her seat at all times.  And since my daughter fell asleep almost every time we put her in her Liteway I can only conclude that it is a comfortable ride as well.  I liked how easy it was to recline the Liteway.  A small latch on the back of the stroller enables you to adjust the seat position quickly and easily.

The Liteway has an adjustable canopy with a peek-a-boo window so you can keep one eye on your little one and one eye on the road ahead.  It also has a nice size storage basket that converts to a sling tote for carrying the baby s things.  My daughter is a healthy 23.5 lbs and she will be able to use the Chicco Liteway until she s nearly twice that size.  The little extras that the Liteway has include rear wheel suspension, toe-tap locking breaks and a study cup holder for mom and dad.

I am an avid walker, so I can vouch for the durability of this item as well.  I took it on several walks of more than 4 miles each.  Don t get me wrong I m not getting rid of my fancy, heavy, high-impact stroller   but I m also never traveling with it again.

Everything about this stroller is convenient.  It is lightweight, comfortable, easy to use and stylish.  One less thing to worry about when packing up the bottles, pacifiers, bibs, diapers, wipes, lovies, hair bands, books, toys, vitamins, formula, teething biscuit, tooth brushes, sunscreen, and everything else the little angels cannot live without.


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