Morning Brew 09-19-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 09 19 09A 4-year old child swallowed cocaine after another boy passed out packets in daycare, thinking it was candy – thanks to good old dad who told him so while hiding it in his jacket during an encounter with police.

A breastfeeding mom who lost her job (and lost again in Ohio’s Supreme Court) prompts a call for better protection for nursing mothers.

Addressing Ovarian cancer:

Parents didn’t need a study to know that more active kids fall asleep easier than their couch potato counterparts.

For the second time in as many days, young schoolchildren in England found out that their classmate who was a boy yesterday is going to be a girl going forward for the year.

The hidden, bone-breaking danger when parents and kids take to the slide together.

Taking that very first full drink at a young age, 15 years or less, may raise the risk of a genetically influenced dependence on alcohol.

Baby shower ideas:

Watch CBS Videos Online

Your next TV just might be a 3-D one.

Sheryl Crowe’s 2-year old son knows a good singer when he hears it and his name is Raffi.

Even for a chance to be perform on VH1 Diva’s, Jennifer Hudson found it hard to leave her newborn son for the night.

Heidi Klum on being a mommy:

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