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Posted by: , August 21, 2009 in 10:47 am

This month my husband and I packed up our SUV and took our two daughters on a weekend trip to Hershey Park. Having never been on a family trip that did not include staying at the grandparents we were both a bit afraid about how both girls (ages 3 and 9 months) would do being crammed into one hotel room together. We’ve got nappers, light sleepers and those of us who like to go to bed a few hours after the sun goes down. The idea that we were going to have to fit all of our luggage, kiddie supplies and a crib into a hotel room seemed challenging. Possibly Japanese game show challenging. However, I was not about to abort the trip simply because we might all become a bit sleep-deprived. When we arrived at the Hershey Lodge I quickly realized what a kid-friendly place it is. The lobby is spacious and right away, one is drawn to the kid check-in desk. There tiny Lodge guests can sign the register, obtain a nametag, nosh on some candy and pick up a coloring book with crayons. My three-year-old jumped up and down at the prospect. Checking is a breeze and the front desk staff was friendly and helpful. It doesn’t hurt that free Hershey bars are given to each guest upon arrival.

Upon entering our room in the Tower portion of the Lodge, it was clear to me that the room, which held two queen-sized beds, was larger than most ordinary hotel rooms. Inside each room, there is a double-sized closet, bathroom, desk and chair. The walls have to be super thick in that place because despite all the kids running around I never heard a peep from either of the rooms nearby. The beds are comfortable and even have Hershey Kiss imprints on the sheets. While it was not the easiest situation to get both kids to sleep each night it was not as hard as we initially thought it would be due to the size of our room and some pretty exhausted kids.

While visiting I could not help but notice how easy-going the staff was that weekend and how quickly they helped us out each time we needed something. From the bathroom door locking on us, room service dinner with a kid menu, the friendly wait staff at each eatery to bringing the crib to our room within a minute of calling for it we never had a an issue. The Hershey Lodge is a great place to stay with your kids regardless of their ages. Each restaurant has something tantalizing to offer for a variety of eaters, the staff continuously outdoes themselves and it is an all around comfortable, clean hotel for a family.


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