Morning Brew 09-21-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 09 21 09Impoverished parents from an Indian tribe are fighting a South Dakotan school district’s new dress code that would require them to buy new wardrobes for their children.

A couple is suing Walmart after the developing of a few bath-time photos turned into a year-long legal nightmare that threatened their custody of their own children.

77% of students in Oklahoma can’t name the first U.S. president:


Sometimes it seems like it’s downright un-American to not get your kid every medical test available even if it’s bad for them.

Wait one more week if you’re planning to buy a Wii as Nintendo is expected to drop the price by $50 on Sept. 27th.

GeekDad introduces us to a geeky mom.

PW has more children’s books reviews than your kid can possibly read this week.

Ten things that you may not know about your discount warehouse club.

Meet the high school junior whose running for City Council:

A look at the Top 10 TV dads.

Country star Sara Evans joins the call for families to take the time to have dinner together.

Heidi Klum finds her pregnancy liberating on the Emmy red carpet.

Bill Cosby wants you to listen to your children:

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