Morning Brew 09-25-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 09 25 09Tylenol has recalled numerous infant and children’s medications over concerns about possible contamination.

An investigation reveals that the drinking water at thousands of public and private schools nationwide are polluted with dangerous levels of lead, pesticides and other toxins.

Jaycee Dugard’s mom knows “miracles can happen”:
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With the recession bringing a Baby Bust, birth rates in the U.S. fell by 2 percent, the biggest decline in 40 years.

Spare the rod, smarten the child – two new studies link spanking to lower IQ’s.

What happens when the school bullies are the teachers?

Back to school for the kids can also mean separation anxiety and depression for lonely family pets.

Just in time for Halloween, a tobacco company is test marketing a nicotine-charged mints that kids should love.

With the holiday season on its way, Toys R Us already thinks they know what this year’s bestsellers are going to be.

After 73 years as a Florida vacation attraction, the Cypress Gardens theme park is now closed for business.

PANDAS, a viral cause of OCD:

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His new movie must have started him thinking because Couples Retreat star Vince Vaughn is finally ready to settle down and have kids.

Barbie finally gets her break and heads to the big screen in her own live action movie.

Early Show anchor Julie Chen and husband Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, welcomed their first child together yesterday.

Jessica Alba champions education for all children, and especially for her own daughter Honor Marie.

Fame is going to live forever, beginning in theaters today:

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