Morning Brew 09-26-09

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Today’s top headlines for parents

morning%20brew%20pic Morning Brew 09 26 09The mom with the mixed up IVF embryo who became an unwitting surrogate for another couple’s baby gave birth to a boy and is giving him to his genetic parents.

A new breast cancer awareness PSA looks for controversy… and finds it.

Pediatric thermometers go hi-tech:
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Having babies sleep on their backs has cut SIDS deaths in half over the last 17 years but it has come at a cost.

Pre-school play can come with a valuable lesson in the effort to teach kids self-control.

Twin girls struggle with the tragedy of childhood Alzheimer’s.

Doctors can’t be sure that the woman who conceived a second time while already pregnant actually has a rare (and unlikely) superfetation pregnancy.

Who would have thought that French Polynesia is a great place to take the kids on vacation?

From child’s toy to workout wonder:

Disneyland brings out the chills and thrills for Halloween.

Keeping the mystery alive, Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady want to wait until their baby is born to learn the sex.

Mother of three Angie Harmon sympathizes with stay-at-home moms although it’s her husband, former NY Giant Jason Sehorn, who holds down the fort while she is on set.

Secrets inside the bestselling The 39 Clues:

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