Dan Zanes "The Fine Friends Are Here"

Posted by: , September 22, 2009 in 11:27 am

dan zanes Dan Zanes "The Fine Friends Are Here"Dan Zanes and Friends new live concert DVD, “The Fine Friends Are Here”, is coming out September 22nd.  Now’s your chance to get a collection of 13 favorites, three new animated music videos, plus a bonus audio disc of four new unreleased solo Zanes songs.  Dan Zanes does not play your typical kid music.  Considered the father of the modern independent kids’ music movement, Zanes entertains children and their grownups with his uniquely personal blend of folk, world music, and rock and roll. He even won the 2007 Grammy for “Best Musical Album for Children”.  “The Fine Friends Are Here” makes you want to get up and not only sing along but dance along. He describes this DVD as:

“a film of my favorite group rocking the famed Jalopy Theater here in Brooklyn while our craziest New York friends sing and dance with gusto. There’s also a bonus CD of four new late night recordings which I made in the cool of some recent summer evenings.”

Dan Zanes has always been interested in singing along with people, people everywhere. Which brings us to his mission, if you can call it a mission: Zanes is introducing his musical friends to his neighborhood friends and then showing everybody not just that they, yes, can play together but that they can also feel pretty good while doing so.

Retail price is $15.00.  Buy it now!


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