I’ve Got Your Imperfect Parenting For You

Posted by: , October 14, 2009 in 2:44 pm

I took my kids to Target the other day because it was rainy and I needed to keep them busy.  Trying on furry hats, long pleather gloves and crazy sunglasses beat the hell out of scraping finger paint off the underside of the kitchen chairs and window sills.

I bribe my kids with cookies so I can braid their hair.

I put the baby in my garden style bathtub with some toys (empty, of course!) while I shower. It’s like a playpen and one that she can’t scale.  She plays. I shave my legs.

When my spouse and I want to sleep in on the weekends we let our four year old go in the pantry and get whatever she wants out and let her eat it in her room too.  Later, I vacuum her sheets.

I can’t always be about the shortcuts and the easy way out but sometimes it is what helps me get through the day and it’s better than mainlining caffeine during the day and then IV’ing vodka at night.


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