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Posted by: , October 14, 2009 in 4:48 pm

It’s an interesting thing this blogging gig.  We bloggers have made real strides in social media and it’s a good way to keep your foot in the door while working from home with the kids.

It just doesn’t pay very well now does it?  Have you seen the latest commercial for Trident Layers gum?  The sitter is paid in gum.  Yeah, well, I really am paid in gum and by Trident.  I reviewed that product and got about four packs of gum.

Is that fair?  Sometimes it seems that it might be.  I have gotten many a pair of shoes for my kids and some clothes too. We got a weekend away as a family at an amusement park and I haven’t needed to buy shampoo or soap for the kids ever.  Toys, books and CDs are strewn freely all over my domain. Literally.

However, I’m still writing and plugging along and it would be nice to be paid for that information.  It won’t jade me or sway me.  Being paid for writing, which I love to do, is only fair.  Being paid in product is nice but it doesn’t pay the bills.


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