Fall Shoe Roundup

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See Kai Run4I couldn’t wait for my daughter to start speaking.  I knew it was coming soon because she was so clearly trying to communicate verbally.  But as of yet – no actual words.  I was convinced her first word would be “mama” since I had spent nearly every waking moment of her life with her.  Or maybe it would “dada” which would be cosmically unfair but still acceptable.  My daughter’s first word was “shoes”.  I knew where we were headed.  Once upon a time in a kingdom not really so far away there lived a young lad named Kai.  Two years after Kai’s birth his mother, frustrated by the lack of bold, hip, fun shoes for tiny feet, was inspired to design him some shoes of his own.  Her creations strived to be as hip as her son, and pretty soon children all over the land were wearing cool shoes with a distinctly urban sensibility.  Her company, See Kai Run, puts out a collection of 15-20 sleek new shoes twice a year.  The company focuses on style, comfort and quality, and it shows.

We all know how important comfort is when it comes to footwear, so See Kai Run is designed with that in mind.  The shoes have ultra-flexible soles and wide toe boxes to promote healthy development of young feet.  It also meets the strict standards of the American Podiatric Medical Association, which awarded it the prestigious Seal of Acceptance award.

I noticed immediately how soft my daughter’s See Kai Run shoes were.  It seems they use sheepskin leather uppers which are butter-soft and more durable than the cow leather that most other brands use.  There are three brands so that babies and kids of all shapes and sizes can be shod by the same company.  The brands are:  Smaller (for babies under 2), See Kai Run (for kids 6 months to 3 years old) and Eleven (for kids 3-8 years old).

These shoes are too cool for school.  They are what a hip adult would like to have on while strolling with a friend on a tree-lined street in Brooklyn.  I would love to wear myself.  If only I could wave a magic wand and make them somehow fit my feet.

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

pediped  Fall Shoe RoundupIn a kingdom across town a little girl named Caroline was just getting ready to put on her first pair of shoes.  Her mother, Angela, went on a hunt for a shoe that was stylish but also comfortable, a shoe that could be worn indoors or out.  But the slim pickings led her to design Caroline a shoe of her own making.  The company is called Pediped and the tag-line is “the next best thing to bare feet”.  The whole point of Pediped shoes is that they use the latest technology and the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to create the perfect shoe for children.

With extra care paid to designing shoes that promote healthy foot development, Pediped was one of the first children’s shoe companies awarded the prestigious Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

For little ones who have just begun to take their first steps, Pediped created the Original line.  The Original’s are designed to closely mimic barefoot walking and the natural shape of a child’s foot.  The Flex line of shoes have soft rubber soles and high quality uppers.

If you need more incentive to buy Pediped’s than comfortable, practical, and adorable footwear for your kids, consider how much Pediped gives back to the community.  The list of children’s charities that it donates to is impressive.  Cute shoes plus charitable company is a winning combination…

*    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *    *

vincent shoesIn a Swedish kingdom, to the north of Caroline’s, a boy named Vincent was born on February 22, 1998.  Determined to buy his young nephew his first pair of shoes, Vincent’s uncle went in search of the perfect pair.  He was disappointed – finding not a single shoe that met his exacting standards of being fun, tasteful, stylish and functional.  Vincent’s uncle turned lemons into lemonade when he and his partner were inspired to design their own shoe line call the company Vincent Shoes.

Vincent Shoes are designed by men who are up-to-date on what’s in fashion.  They are inspired by global trends and by what is on the runways of Paris, Milan and New York.  But the line is 100% focused on kids.  A little something for the littlest feet – Vincent Shoes make soft-soled shoes for the tiny pre-walkers, and comfortable out-door shoes for kids up to 8 years old.

My daughter has a pair of Vincent high-top sneakers and she has never looked cooler!  A 16 month old toddling around in high tops is pretty endearing.  And she seems comfortable in them.  Stable on her feet and ready to pounce.

Patrick Österman and Thomas Elbaum, the men behind Vincent Shoes have a long history with design and with educating children.  They have successfully combined their loves and created a cool, comfortable line of shoes for kids.

Between Kai, Caroline and Vincent enough shoes have been inspired to cover a lot of little feet.  Check them out – see which one fits best for your own little inspiration.

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