Breaking News – Baby Einstein issuing full refunds

Posted by: , October 23, 2009 in 4:28 pm

baby mozartDid you mistakenly believe that the Baby Einstein videos would make your baby smarter?  No need to answer the question.  Disney is assuming that you did and is now offering REFUNDS!  If you’ve purchased a Baby Einstein DVD any time in the last five years, you’re entitled to a full refund.  Yup, you can thank the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood which put pressure on Disney to stop claiming the Baby Einstein Videos were educational for infants.

Go to Disney’s Baby Einstein Website to find out how to get your money back, or trade in for a book or CD of your choice. We have no bone to pick with the Baby Einstein videos as entertainment, our kids loved them, but don’t love the deceptive advertising.  It’s nice that they’re making up for it.


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