Buppity Baby play mat

Posted by: , November 18, 2009 in 11:40 am

buppitybaby Buppity Baby play matI stared at the registry in vain.  Seriously?  The only items left were a 96 count diaper pack and a waterproof crib pad – two very uninspired choices for a close friend of 21 years.  I decided to go off-registry.  Always a risky venture, but I’m glad I did it.  I wanted something practical and useful but also fun and unique.  A friend of mine had unrolled a beautiful baby-mat in one of our classes.  It looked softer and more padded than the traditional baby mats I’d seen and it had lovely fabric with a stunning pattern.  I inquired about her mat and it led me to Meg Elliot at Buppity Baby.

I am happy to admit I am a complete sucker for eco-conscious products and the Buppity Baby fits the bill.  Made of 100% recycled polyester the Buppity Baby play mat measures 32 inches square and is a pillowy-soft cushion for your little one to play on.  Any new mom will quickly realize how essential it is to have a clean, soft blanket for their baby to roll around on.  If it is also compact, light-weight and easily transportable so much the better!  The Buppity is all of these things plus when it rolls up it has an easily attachable carrying strap and a convenient pocket for an extra diaper or wipes.

I have another baby mat that I got when I first had my daughter.  It’s certainly durable and practical, but I wouldn’t exactly call it stylish.  The Buppity Baby comes in some truly beautiful patterns.  I mean, who wouldn’t want to see their baby playing on a soft, vintage-inspired, retro-looking plane print mat?  It makes a nice background for all those photographs.  They also have cool patterns like the “Retro Vroom” (cars), “Urban Meadow” (animals), “Fly Baby Fly” (planes), and “Jungle Bunch” (jungle animals) all of which are worth a look.

My little one is growing up fast but the Buppity Baby is still useful for us.  I brought it to the park the other day and we sat outside on the grass on top of the Buppity.  I relaxed while my daughter played with her ball and toys.  I keep the Buppity in my car and I bring it out whenever we end up at a park or the beach.  Useful, stylish, comfortable and lightweight – a perfect item for any new mom!

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