Afterbirth: Stories You Won't Read in a Parenting Magazine

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afterbirth 1 Afterbirth: Stories You Won't Read in a Parenting MagazineSix years ago, after giving birth to my first son I was having a  really hard time doing that most unnatural of natural acts, breastfeeding.  I was home a lone a lot of the time with a very hungry  infant and quickly losing my sense of humor. This isn’t good even for  normal people, but I was a comic.  I actually considered the  possibility that in giving birth to my son, I had killed the part I  knew best.  I needed to laugh and quickly.  I decided to call my  friends who were parents and could still appreciate a joke and get  them together to tell stories about how they went from where I was to where they’d gotten too.

Fortunately, these people were more than  happy to expose themselves publicly with the most honest, well  written, and heartfelt stories about what it means to be a parent  today. Really what it means. Thus was born the stage show,  “Afterbirth: Stories you won’t read in a Parenting Magazine.”  An evening
of first rate story telling that continues to run in LA, started  playing in NYC last year, just played to a sold out crowd in the NY  Comedy Festival, and has also enjoyed great success in Boston and San  Francisco.

As a performer myself, certainly when it all began I was also  interested in creating an artistic outlet for myself, but as the  years have come and gone, I have to admit that I have used the show  as much for personal as professional reasons.  The tales I read and hear performed as part of “Afterbirth…” inspire me without  exception.  Whether they describe the heartbreak of a failed  adoption, the joy of finally getting a child to sleep for more than  four hours straight, or of being caught mumbling obscenities at them,  the courage, humor and balls out love brought to life in these  stories keep me going in my darkest days as a parent.

From the very first show I asked people to write about, more or  less, “the moment you knew your life changed forever becoming a  parent.”  I was looking for that event, or series of events, where  you knew there was no going back. That this particular predicament  you found yourself in would never have happened if only you’d stayed  in that one room apartment ordering in Chinese take out for the rest
of your life.  What has come out of this question is the on-going  show with an ever changing cast, and also an anthology of  “Afterbirth…” stories published in April of this year by St. Martin’s Press with the same name.  Parents who want the truth and  want to laugh about it can’t get enough of it.  Obviously, I
recommend you get the book and keep it handy.  If you do, I know  firsthand you will never again feel isolated and alone in the  specific way in which you are screwing up your children.

Until then, honestbaby will be bringing you some of the stories from  “Afterbirth…” to comfort you in the wee small hours of the morning  when you can’t stuff another Luna Bar in your mouth, or watch another
“Law and Order” re-run praying your baby will finally go to sleep or  your teenager will remember to text you. Enjoy!

Afterbirth Stories

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